Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black Friday Teaser and a Grab Bag!

Are you ready for your holiday shopping? I know that I will be hitting the stores at 4am on Friday morning. I know I'm crazy but I can't resist the deals! Of course I'll be back later in the day to do some digital shopping too! There are so many great sales out there and I'm no exception. I'll be having a weekend sale, 50% off all my goodies all weekend long. This even includes commercial use! All three stores, One of a Kind Scrapz, Pickleberrypop and Digi by Design!

I have my November Scrapz Sack available for sale at OAKS now! This is four brand new products that will be sold individually for $9 or you can grab it now through the weekend for only $2! I know I love grab bags, and I hope you will love mine. I really do put a lot of thought and time into them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Scrapz Kits

There are two new Happy Scrapz kits in the Digi by Design Store! Woodland Pixies and Winds of Change are now available for purchase if you didnt get a chance to finish the Happy Scrapz challenges. Remember that all of the past HS kits are up for sale there too if you were interested in any of them. Amy and I make a great team, I've really loved all of our kits.

Amy W. put together this quick page with the Winds of Change kit and its yours free!

Get the QP here!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dad's X-Ray and a Freebie

My mom sent me my dad's xrays and yikes. I don't think I realized how large the nail really was. The metal plate with the scres in it is from when he broke his arm last year.

Now for the freebie. I started making this as an element pack to sell but kinda lost the motivation to finish it so now I'm just going to give it away for free. I hope you can use and enjoy my little Sequinies

Download Here. Comment if you download please, I like to hear from you :)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween last!

OK, I would have had these up sooner but I loaned my camera to a friend and didnt get a chance to download them first. Here are my kids on Halloween! Caitlin was a Medieval Princess and Austin was a Vampire. The little girl in the black outfit is Caitlin's friend Amethyst who was a fallen fairy.

OK, now on to the true horrors! On Saturday my dad was at work (he does construction) and him and his partner were nailing some stuff with the nail gun, the partner was nailing and my dad was holding things in place. Well they got going a little too fast and my dad put his arm across right as his partner nailed and this is the result.
The nail went straight through the clasp of his watch and into the bone. The doctors are trying to pry it up with a crowbar there... that didnt work. They ended up stabalizing it with vice grips and hammering it out. Now I'm not really sure how that would work but it sounds yucky and painful to me. Dad is OK right now though, he is a tough guy.

Friday, November 02, 2007

New Releases and a Freebie

New at Pickleberrypop and One of a Kind Scrapz. These Frilly circles are sure to add a special touch to any layout!

Includes: 12 paper circles with a scalloped graph edging overlayed with glitter.

Also, don't forget about my two newset kits "Kasey" and "Play on Play"

Grab this great Desktop Calander made by my Fab CT member Dodo Using my Fallen Kit. Please leave a comment and let Dodo know how much you appreciate her :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Download Here

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm having a CT Call!

Do you want to receive all of my designs (new and old) for free? Can you complete at least 3 layouts every month with my designs and post to 3 different galleries? Are you fun loving and playful? Well then this is the place for you!
I’m looking for three new members for my Creative Team to help promote me and my designs. If you are interested please send an email to with the following information:

*Your name and a little about you.
*Number of CT’s you are currently on.
*Link to your main Gallery.

The call closes on November 1st so send those apps in quickly! I look forward to hearing from you and announcing my new team!

Jessica Gorny

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Steal of a Deal!! Freebie too!

Head on over to Digi by Design and check out the Super Saver Saturday sale. This week there are tons of items, all fall themed/colored for 50% savings! This includes my new kit "Fallen"!

Today is the last day of the Fabulous Mid Month Madness Sale at Digi by Design also. If you were looking to grab some of these $0.98 items you better run and do it soon! I'm not sure whats happening to the products once the sale is over so this is your chance!

Its not all sales and deals today. I also have a freebie for you. These glitter borders match my Fallen Kit. There are five 12x12 borders for you here. I hope you enjoy. And please, if you have time check out the awesome DxD sales!

Download Fallen Borders Here

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Fall Kit

I put out a new fall kit today. I really love the look of this, even though it isnt entirely traditional. Its kinda girly and whimsy but in a fallish way lol. Anyways, you can pick fallen up at either One of a Kind Scrapz or Digi by Design for $4.00 :)

In other news, your's truely will be debuting in a new store soon! Stay tuned for that exciting news! (the store is new to me, not new in general.) I'm so looking forward to this :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mid-Month Madness!

Check out the events going on at Digi by Design right now! There are some crazy deals and fun games for you!

Check out Amy's blog for the blog party freebie info. I didnt have time to participate this time around.

I've got 3 items up in the 0.98 cent sale! Check these out. You can find them in the Mid-Month Madness section of the store along with a ton of other 0.98 cent items from the other DxD designers! Or you can click on the pictures to go directly to the item. I hope you enjoy the sale and celebration :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I think that most people have somebody close to them that has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and if you don't, consider yourself lucky. Its rough. I have a friend who was diagnosed a few years ago. At the time she had 7 children and went in for a mastectomy where they removed one of her breasts. She has since gone on to have her 8th child (7th son) and is now pregnant with #9 a girl. She is a survivor, and like many, she continues to fight every day.

I am very pleased that this month Scraps for Charity is benefiting the Breast Cancer Foundation. Our kit is now for sale in each designers individual portion or as a mega. Please help support this cause and head on over there to get this great kit today.

Mega Preview

My Contribution

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Scrapz Challenges

OK, its the beginning of the month and time for new challenges again so I wanted to show you guys the kit you earn for doing the four Happy Scrapz Challenges. This kit i s rich and beautiful and such a steal. 4 Challenges really isnt a lot, especially with all the layouts we do every month anyways. I tell you what, if I didnt make part of this kit I would be all over trying to earn it. Hope to see you at Happy Scrapz and the challenge forums!

Friday, September 28, 2007

$2 Grab bag, 35% off sale, New Commercial Use Items

For one week only buy my newest grab bag at OAKS for only $2! There are no surprises here, seeing is believing! 4 brand new items totalling over 75mb. These items will be put into the store at regular price next week so this is your chance!

My newest commercial use item Wing It is 35% off through Oct 2. This set includes 5 .png files of the wings shown in the preview and the individual .png files of the top and bottom of each wing for easy layering and shading as seen in the sample image below.

Everything in my OAKS Store is 35% through Oct 2nd, you don't want to miss this amazing sale which includes both personal and commercial use items!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Brand New Collab Kit - Simply Me

I ventured into the world of collaborations...Amy started it with our Happy Scrapz kits but now I'm really enjoying working with different people and seeing what we can come up with. Today I would like to introduce you to "Simply Me" a beautiful and peaceful collaboration kit by Danielle Engebretson and myself!

The Kit Includes:

12 patterned papers
5 solids
2 butterfly embellishments
1 daisy flower
1 painted and glittered flower
1 eyelet
2 frames
1 bent
1 journaling strip
1 journaling tag
2 spa labels
4 poem stones
1 thin wrapped ribbon
2 polka dot sloppy bow tied ribbons
4 buttons
5 different patterened straight ribbons
2 circle stitches
1 border stitch

Unique Embellishments:

two glass bottles of bath salts
1 pack of bath salts
1 wrapped set of washclothes
and bath salt package

1 full set of alpha and number, punctuation and brackets painted

There is also an 8x8 quick page album available. This albumn includes a front and back cover and eight pages for $4.99

I have another collaboration kit in the works, stay tuned to see what it is :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do my eyes decieve me? A Freebie!

Yes, thats right! Today I tossed together a little freebie for everyone. Its small but its cute! This is a set of 3 Solid-ish papers and not just recollored copies of themselves, each paper has an individual look and texture to it. I hope you can find lots of uses for these babies, I'm quite proud of them myself :)

Download "Island Watercolors" Here Please leave a comment on the blog if you decide to download these, thank you!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Scraps for Charity September Kit!

Our SFC Design team has got together to collaborate on an AWESOME kit to benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! Available now in the SFC shoppe! It is PACKED with lots of great papers and a TON of different elements!

On sale now for just $7 until Oct 6th! You can also buy each mini designer kit individually for just $2.50! Be sure to stop by our gallery for inspiration and our forum for some fun chit chat and games!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

25% off Coupon!

Just wanted to make you guys all aware of a coupon for 25% off at Digi by Design. Head on over and check out the store!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Computer at Last!

Yes its finally happened! On Friday the hubby and I went out and bought a new computer. The 6 year old ancient thing I had been working on has been replaced at last!!! I'm so excited! I got a Gateway 6000+ with a dual processor and upgraded to a 19 inch HD Monitor. I'm in heaven!! Photoshop runs like a dream.

I havent gotten any work done this month, its been nothing but visitors and going out all month. During the beginning of the month while my brother was here we went to Six Flags Great America, that was a blast.

Then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. The food wasnt anything to write home about but the service and atmosphere were fun. I can't totally dis the food either, their chocolate chip cookies are to die for! Our waitress gave us a dozen on the house. Caitlin was running around being really cute, we convinced her to do that rock symbol thing with her hands and the whole tounge out thing for the waitress, totally adorable! For her efforts we bought her a pink Hard Rock Shirt that says "Rock Angel" on the front and has little angel wings on the back.

When my friend Andrea came into town we went to the Bristol Ren Faire. It was fun, we saw some shows that we missed last year and I got my hair done up. It was miserably hot that day though so I ended up with a headache, probably dehydration.

We went to the Blue Man Group in Chicago. I must say that was the funnest thing I've done since moving to this area three years ago. If you have a chance to go see them I totally recomend it. Their show is interactive and just all around fun and exciting! The theatre they preform in is completely done up in this cool industrial look, with pipes and tubes everywhere. They don't allow photos in the show and afterwards it was so crowded we didnt get our pictures with the Blue Men but it was still fun fun fun!

My house guests start clearing out next week and I'll finally have some computer time to get some designing done and really dig into my new computer. I'll miss my sister and my friend but it will be nice to have my house back!

Oh, I completely forgot to mention! I also got a dishwasher!!!! That has been a long time coming and desperately needed. The dishes just pile up here and with me being the only one doing them it seemed like a never ending chore. Now its fairly simple to keep them under control.

Caitlin starts kindergarten on Friday. She is really excited and has been asking me almost every day if she has school yet. The whole registration process in this area kinda sucks. It actually cost me $133 to get her into public school and would be an extra $90 if I wanted her to ride the school bus. I thought public schools were open to everyone with no charge unless you lost or trashed the books. I know that back in WA there are no fees to start school or ride the busses. Its just weird! How do the schools work where you are? I know the $133 is supposed to be for book rentals and supplies. I assume its because the schools werent seeing fees paid for destroyed books but as far as I know we don't get that money back even if our "rented" books come back in great condition at the end of the year. Another way to weasle out money if you ask me. I could be completely off base though, I don't know!

Well, thats it for me today, I hope to get some new stuff out to the world soon!

Monday, August 06, 2007

A Visit From my Brother

Oh man have I had a fun filled and exciting last few days! My little brother got some leave from the army and he used half of it to come to Chicago and see me! We had a ton of fun and Caitlin just loved having him around. He is so playful! Anyways, here are some pictures, I wish I would have gotten more but we were having too much fun to even think about it!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Hey everyone, I'm sure you all know by now that I take part in creating a charity kit every month so I just wanted to come on here and remind you all that July is coming to a close and with that means the end of the kit to benefit the Ronald McDonald house. Please head on over to Scraps For Charity and pick up your copy of this kit for 50% through the end of the month and support a good cause!!

Check out the new members of the Scraps for Charity Team! I can't wait to see what these new designers and CT members come up with for the charity!

Here is a LO to share. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Christmas in July and a Freebie!!

Are you ready for fun, games and a rocking sale? This weekend, July 20-22, Digi by Design is celebrating Christmas in July! There are lots of fun events planned like bingo, trivia, an ornament exchange and a LO challenge with me! On top of all that most of the designers in the store are participating in a 40% off sale. Isn't Christmas great? Even if it is the middle of July!!!

We also having Stocking Stuffers for you. These grab bag style stocking stuffers are full of goodies for you and only $2.50 a piece! You can pick mine up right here, I promise, you won't regret it!!

In other news... Don't forget that my new Photo-Graphing actions are still on sale 50% off through Sunday. I have a version that works in PSE and one that works in PS 7, CS, CS2 and CS3. I've seen people really rocking this action lately. Miss Kim used it on one of her LO's and she has a freebie template up on her blog of the LO. She was one of my awesome action testers :)

Finally, a little treat just for you, maybe a little temptation to see what else awaits you? Maybe you see some similarities between this freebie and what could possibly be in the stocking stuffer? I'm not saying this is whats in there but.... ENJOY!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas in July!!

Download the Fantasy Label Freebie Here. Please leave a comment if you download this freebie. If you would like to share this freebie with your friends please direct them to my blog and do NOT share the link. Thank you! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Photo-Graphing for PSE!!!

If you were waiting for me to finish my Photo-Graphing action for Photoshop Elements then wait no more! With some help and tips from Jannylynn Brokken I was finally able to get the action to work for PSE users. This action is super easy to use and adds a really great overlay to your photos! I have both versions on sale for 50% off through the 22nd of July. Grab it quick! You can get the PS7, CS, CS2, CS3 version as well.
Also, Dodo and I have teamed up for the Amazing Digi Scrap Race. Check out our blog and our first challenge layouts!