Thursday, March 29, 2007

Woe is me!

Just wanted to let you all know that on Tuesday my computer bit the big one! I turned off my computer Monday night and Tuesday morning it was gone. My husband hooked his old computer up for me but I lost photoshop. I'm litterally going crazy with boredom here. My kids are both still asleep so now is the perfect time to be scrapping or designing but nooooo. When I moved cross country I didnt bring any of my computer disks with me. So I'm having the photoshop cd mailed so I can get it installed on hubby's comp. If I'm lucky I'll get the disk early next week.

Lucky for you guys I was able to get a freebie done before the big crash. I was going to post it that night but I was too tired, yesterday I was busy catching up on everything I missed Tuesday so today you get your freebie!

Download Here

And see where that arrow is pointing? Look over there in the margin (down), I've added a spot where you can subscribe to my blog, that way you never miss a post! YAY ME!

OK, I'm off to pout more about not having PS anymore...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Want to earn a free kit?

Amy W. and I have started the April challenges in our forum Happy Scrapz! Come over and join us to earn our fab colab kit "Rocket Thru Space" This kit is actually pretty big at over 73MB. There are only 4 challenges to complete and you have the entire month to do them. Its Easy!! We hope to see you there!

Someone mentioned that they never recieved an activation email after registering. We aren't sure why these emails aren't going out so everyone is getting activated manually by either Amy or myself. Hopefully it doesnt take too long between the two of us but if you feel like its been too long (like over a day) you may have been missed so just leave a comment here with your user name there or send me an email at Thanks!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

New at The Daily Scrap

I've got some super fun elements for you! at The Daily Scrap The scrapbooking world is definately getting a little bit funky so I'm moving with the times...hopefully! LOL! My New Products will be 20% off through Sunday March 31st so grab them before then!

First up, Funky Foil Tape only $2.00!

Watch for another soon!

Christina Renee is having...hmmm...I guess you would say "tryouts" lol for some guest spots on her CT. She is such an awesome new designer you know I had to give it a shot. Here is the LO I did tonight for it. This is my beautiful niece Elly. I love it when my little sister sends me pictures of this little lovely, she is so scrapable!

Credits Here

Baby Teeth and Retro Swirls Freebie

The last few days have been rough here. Austin is cutting his very first tooth! My babies are late teethers. Caitlin was 10 1/2 months old when her first came in and Austin is 9 1/2 months old. If I put my finger in his mouth I can feel it, Its already broken the skin but hasnt come up yet. When I look I see where it has cut through the gums but still can't actually see the tooth. Hopefully I can get a picture of the little bugger once it becomes visible but he hates it when I try to open his mouth.

Caitlin has been on spring break this last week, I'm actually going to be happy when she goes back to school. She is so busy all the time!

My parents and my neice Elly are coming for a visit from Spokane, WA! I'm so excited! They havent seen our house yet since we moved here Feb 2006. My dad hasnt even been out to visit at all since I've moved to Indiana so I'm extra excited about that. I haven't told Caitlin they are coming yet because the moment I do thats all she will ask about. Its bad enought hat every single day she asks me if its her birthday yet (April 29th). My parents will be here April 27 - May 2 so they get to be here for her party. They have missed the last two. Elly is 3 1/2 and Caitlin just loves her to death so I know she is going to go nuts when she finds out she is coming for her birthday.

Finally, today I made my very first doodle and I'm sharing it with you! I hope you find these useful. Please leave a comment if you download. You know I really appreciate those.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sharing Some LO's and a Freebie

I've turned tonight into a scrapping night and was able to get two LO's done. This first one I decided to try my hand at photo extraction and I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

Credits Here

This one is my DD in her Easter dress, dancing on the front lawn and enjoying a warmer day. It was only in the 50's but spring is on its way in!

Credits Here

And finally the freebie! This template is based off of the Muscle Cars LO above. I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment if you DL, thanks!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


MY BABY STARTED WALKING! Thats right, real live little baby steps! We were all down in the living room, Randy had been home from work for about 30 minutes and Austin just stood up where he was and took 5 little steps all on his own! Of course the camera was no where near by so we didnt get any pictures of the actual even but we were all there and wow! He is only 9 months and 1 week old! Can you tell that I'm excited? We tried to get him to do it again later to get some pictures but he wouldnt do it for us. Here is what we ended up with. He kept just dropping to the ground.

I've got another freebie for you today too! Hope you like it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

OK OK! Quick Freebie!

Since Amy is such a whiner I spent some time and did a little freebie. I'm running out of room on my 4Shared account though so I'm going to be deleting a lot of my old freebies. Go through the posts and make sure you havent missed anything because once they are gone thats it!

I've retired this one, thanks for being interested!

Amy is a whiner

That is all.

Friday, March 09, 2007

March Mania!

DigiScrapDivas is having a sale!!!

You know you wanna!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Springtime Freebie!

Its been awhile since I've posted. I'm being a naughty blogger! LOL. A few updates...

Only 3 days left to get your applications in to be on my creative team! See the post below for details!

I've got two new sets of templates up in The Daily Scrap store. Set 1 are the three templates I've given away on my blog so if you downloaded those then don't buy these but set two is completely new! Each set is only $2.00 so go grab them!!

My baby boy is 9 months old now and the other day he started standing up on his own for a few seconds at a time. He is getting so big, I just know he is going to start walking soon. Caitlin was 10 1/2 months old when she started. No luck yet on me getting pregnant again, I'm getting a little bit frustrated because its usually pretty easy for me and everyone else around me seems to be popping up pregnant. I'm happy for them but what about me?

OK, enough whining and on to the freebie! I was messing around this morning and made this little Springtime kit. I don't really have the motivation to do anything else with it because I really want to be working on a boy kit so I'm giving this away to you all! YAY hahaha.

Download Here

Leave a comment if you DL please, I love to hear from you!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Its that time

OK faithful blog readers, I'm putting out a call for my very first CT! here is the info!

Jessica Gorny Designs
Do you have what it takes?

I'm looking for 4-5 creative individuals who would like to help me promote my kits. In addition to making Layouts I would also like feedback on anything I could do to improve my work and an opportunity to meet new scrappers and make some friends!

**Team Requirements**

* 3 layouts per month
* Posted in 3-4 galleries
* Participation in my CT Forum

**How To Apply**

If you think this is the team for you then email me at with your name, usernames, a link to your most complete gallery any other creative teams you are on and a little about you!

~Jessica Gorny

You can see my designs HERE

The deadline is Sunday March 11th. I look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

New Product and a Sale at TDS

I've got a new product up in the TDS store!
Introducing Azalea Breeze. On sale for 20% off through Sunday March 11th.

This weekend only (Sat and Sun) these two items are on sale in the TDS store. Grab Knotty Dotty Ribbons for only $2.00! And Winged Dreams in the Bargain Basement for only $3.00! You can't miss this sale! (well, maybe you could but then I would cry! lol, jk!)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Challenges are up at DigiScrapDivas!

Ready for family updates?

On Tuesday we took Austin to the Dr because he had a really bad cough. They thought he might have RSV or pneumonia so we were sent right away to get some chest x-rays. Randy and I had to pin the poor baby down to the table so they could get the pictures and the whole time he is screaming. I felt so bad! They put a rush on the x-rays so we went straight back to the Drs office were she reviewed them and thankfully his x-rays were clear. She said he has a viral infection so he is on antibiotics and breathing treatments. He does not appreciate having the mask on for the treatments either. The boy does not like things touching his face lol. We take him back Friday for a followup to make sure its clearing and then next Friday is his 9 month appt.

Yesterday I had two teeth pulled, one was an impacted wisdom tooth. Today I'm sore and swollen and constantly sick to my stomach because of the meds. Vicodin combined with Penicillin does not do good things to me. I have a rather graphic story of me getting sick in the mall today but I'll spare you guys those details. Randy went to the dentist today and has scheduled to get his wisdom teeth pulled too.

And have you seen the challenge incentive kit for this month? It RAWKS!

Read all about how to get this amazing kit for FREE here. You know you wanna!