Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween last!

OK, I would have had these up sooner but I loaned my camera to a friend and didnt get a chance to download them first. Here are my kids on Halloween! Caitlin was a Medieval Princess and Austin was a Vampire. The little girl in the black outfit is Caitlin's friend Amethyst who was a fallen fairy.

OK, now on to the true horrors! On Saturday my dad was at work (he does construction) and him and his partner were nailing some stuff with the nail gun, the partner was nailing and my dad was holding things in place. Well they got going a little too fast and my dad put his arm across right as his partner nailed and this is the result.
The nail went straight through the clasp of his watch and into the bone. The doctors are trying to pry it up with a crowbar there... that didnt work. They ended up stabalizing it with vice grips and hammering it out. Now I'm not really sure how that would work but it sounds yucky and painful to me. Dad is OK right now though, he is a tough guy.


Anonymous said...

This sounds so painful, so sorry for your father. I hurt just thinking about it. I done something similar with a staple gun. Hope everyone is OK now.

Unknown said...

The children's costumes are soooo cute. Love the little vampire outfit. I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your dad, but am glad that he is doing okay. I can't even begin to imagine it.

Laura said...

CUTE kids and OUCH for Dad :( Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!!

Felicia McB said...

big ouchies for dad!! yikes!
on the kids- she's adorable and he's got to be the CUTEST little vampire ever!

Krista said...

OUCH! Poor dad! Hope he feels back to new soon:)
Very cute costumes on a good note!

Victoria said...

Holy Mackeral! Poor guy! I wish him the best.