Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Computer at Last!

Yes its finally happened! On Friday the hubby and I went out and bought a new computer. The 6 year old ancient thing I had been working on has been replaced at last!!! I'm so excited! I got a Gateway 6000+ with a dual processor and upgraded to a 19 inch HD Monitor. I'm in heaven!! Photoshop runs like a dream.

I havent gotten any work done this month, its been nothing but visitors and going out all month. During the beginning of the month while my brother was here we went to Six Flags Great America, that was a blast.

Then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. The food wasnt anything to write home about but the service and atmosphere were fun. I can't totally dis the food either, their chocolate chip cookies are to die for! Our waitress gave us a dozen on the house. Caitlin was running around being really cute, we convinced her to do that rock symbol thing with her hands and the whole tounge out thing for the waitress, totally adorable! For her efforts we bought her a pink Hard Rock Shirt that says "Rock Angel" on the front and has little angel wings on the back.

When my friend Andrea came into town we went to the Bristol Ren Faire. It was fun, we saw some shows that we missed last year and I got my hair done up. It was miserably hot that day though so I ended up with a headache, probably dehydration.

We went to the Blue Man Group in Chicago. I must say that was the funnest thing I've done since moving to this area three years ago. If you have a chance to go see them I totally recomend it. Their show is interactive and just all around fun and exciting! The theatre they preform in is completely done up in this cool industrial look, with pipes and tubes everywhere. They don't allow photos in the show and afterwards it was so crowded we didnt get our pictures with the Blue Men but it was still fun fun fun!

My house guests start clearing out next week and I'll finally have some computer time to get some designing done and really dig into my new computer. I'll miss my sister and my friend but it will be nice to have my house back!

Oh, I completely forgot to mention! I also got a dishwasher!!!! That has been a long time coming and desperately needed. The dishes just pile up here and with me being the only one doing them it seemed like a never ending chore. Now its fairly simple to keep them under control.

Caitlin starts kindergarten on Friday. She is really excited and has been asking me almost every day if she has school yet. The whole registration process in this area kinda sucks. It actually cost me $133 to get her into public school and would be an extra $90 if I wanted her to ride the school bus. I thought public schools were open to everyone with no charge unless you lost or trashed the books. I know that back in WA there are no fees to start school or ride the busses. Its just weird! How do the schools work where you are? I know the $133 is supposed to be for book rentals and supplies. I assume its because the schools werent seeing fees paid for destroyed books but as far as I know we don't get that money back even if our "rented" books come back in great condition at the end of the year. Another way to weasle out money if you ask me. I could be completely off base though, I don't know!

Well, thats it for me today, I hope to get some new stuff out to the world soon!


Krista said...

We pay $44 for books here in Iowa. But by the time I paid for a school shirt, Parent Club dues, cafeteria meals, etc. (all optional) it was much more! My little one starts tomorrow... yippie and boo hoo all at the same time:-)

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't remember paying when we were kids but I hear more and more that you have to now. I guess I won't know for a few more years. I know most of the "public" schools here, require uniforms so really you end up paying quite a bit, just for public school.

Amy W. said...

Hi chicky! How are you? Where are you? Hope all is well in your world!
I feel you on the books. My kid goes to private school and so we pay tuition and then we pay books and supplies fees on top of that. just add it in you idiots!