Friday, September 28, 2007

$2 Grab bag, 35% off sale, New Commercial Use Items

For one week only buy my newest grab bag at OAKS for only $2! There are no surprises here, seeing is believing! 4 brand new items totalling over 75mb. These items will be put into the store at regular price next week so this is your chance!

My newest commercial use item Wing It is 35% off through Oct 2. This set includes 5 .png files of the wings shown in the preview and the individual .png files of the top and bottom of each wing for easy layering and shading as seen in the sample image below.

Everything in my OAKS Store is 35% through Oct 2nd, you don't want to miss this amazing sale which includes both personal and commercial use items!!


Amy W. said...

I said a BOOM-chick-a-boom!

Tag, you're it!

P.S. I know where you got some of your wings! It's cause you're an angel! LOL!

Anonymous said...

how can I contact you with a question? thanks :) Jessica