Monday, March 26, 2007

Want to earn a free kit?

Amy W. and I have started the April challenges in our forum Happy Scrapz! Come over and join us to earn our fab colab kit "Rocket Thru Space" This kit is actually pretty big at over 73MB. There are only 4 challenges to complete and you have the entire month to do them. Its Easy!! We hope to see you there!

Someone mentioned that they never recieved an activation email after registering. We aren't sure why these emails aren't going out so everyone is getting activated manually by either Amy or myself. Hopefully it doesnt take too long between the two of us but if you feel like its been too long (like over a day) you may have been missed so just leave a comment here with your user name there or send me an email at Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - quick question regarding HappyScraps - when I registered it said there would be an activation e-mail sent - I didn't get one so I wasn't sure if it was an automated thing, a manual thing (in which case I'll just be patient) or if I'd mistyped my email addy. MamaB

Demetria said...

Hi Jessica... Ihaven't gotten an activation email either. login name: ladydsw00

Amy W. said...

Woo-hoo! Come join us it's lots of fun!!!

P.S. Sorry about the activation dealy- I'm trying to fix it but being on vacation, it'll probably wait until I'm home.

Lukasmummy said...

lukasmummyhi, it would be great if you could activate my account at your forum. My username is Lukasmummy.
Thanks. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, please activate my username: kellicrop. Thanks!