Thursday, March 01, 2007

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Ready for family updates?

On Tuesday we took Austin to the Dr because he had a really bad cough. They thought he might have RSV or pneumonia so we were sent right away to get some chest x-rays. Randy and I had to pin the poor baby down to the table so they could get the pictures and the whole time he is screaming. I felt so bad! They put a rush on the x-rays so we went straight back to the Drs office were she reviewed them and thankfully his x-rays were clear. She said he has a viral infection so he is on antibiotics and breathing treatments. He does not appreciate having the mask on for the treatments either. The boy does not like things touching his face lol. We take him back Friday for a followup to make sure its clearing and then next Friday is his 9 month appt.

Yesterday I had two teeth pulled, one was an impacted wisdom tooth. Today I'm sore and swollen and constantly sick to my stomach because of the meds. Vicodin combined with Penicillin does not do good things to me. I have a rather graphic story of me getting sick in the mall today but I'll spare you guys those details. Randy went to the dentist today and has scheduled to get his wisdom teeth pulled too.

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