Saturday, March 24, 2007

Baby Teeth and Retro Swirls Freebie

The last few days have been rough here. Austin is cutting his very first tooth! My babies are late teethers. Caitlin was 10 1/2 months old when her first came in and Austin is 9 1/2 months old. If I put my finger in his mouth I can feel it, Its already broken the skin but hasnt come up yet. When I look I see where it has cut through the gums but still can't actually see the tooth. Hopefully I can get a picture of the little bugger once it becomes visible but he hates it when I try to open his mouth.

Caitlin has been on spring break this last week, I'm actually going to be happy when she goes back to school. She is so busy all the time!

My parents and my neice Elly are coming for a visit from Spokane, WA! I'm so excited! They havent seen our house yet since we moved here Feb 2006. My dad hasnt even been out to visit at all since I've moved to Indiana so I'm extra excited about that. I haven't told Caitlin they are coming yet because the moment I do thats all she will ask about. Its bad enought hat every single day she asks me if its her birthday yet (April 29th). My parents will be here April 27 - May 2 so they get to be here for her party. They have missed the last two. Elly is 3 1/2 and Caitlin just loves her to death so I know she is going to go nuts when she finds out she is coming for her birthday.

Finally, today I made my very first doodle and I'm sharing it with you! I hope you find these useful. Please leave a comment if you download. You know I really appreciate those.


Anonymous said...

Love these swirls! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jessicia.

Amy W. said...

Lovely little freebie Jess! And that LO above of your niece is too cute! Good luck on that guest CT!

Mara said...

this is a cute swirl, cannot believe that it should be your first one.

Thank you for sharing

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Anonymous said...

Lovely swirlie doodle. I like the colors you used! Thank you for this very nice gift.

Unknown said...

wow, i love your designs,and iam so happy for your freebies. Thank you