Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Kit - The Girl on Sale!

I've got a new kit out that was just added yesterday to The Daily Scrap store. The Girl, inspired my daughter Caitlin, is bright, fun and funky! I'm really loving the colors of this kit and I hope that you do too! It's on sale 30% off through next Tuesday so run quick and grab it for only $3.50. After Tuesday the price goes back up to $5.00 so hurry!

In other news, Caitlin has soccer practice today. Her last two practices and her first game have all been cancelled due to weather. Today the weather shows PM showers so we are keeping our fingers crossed for a practice.

Austin got his first pair of shoes last Friday. He is so funny when we put them on him, he acts like he has blocks of concrete on his feet and he can't move but they are so cute!! Check them out.
Then on Sunday he got his first haircut. It was getting a little long and shaggy in the front and around the ears so I gave in and let Randy take him in. I wanted to wait until after he turned one so I could get a nice lock of hair, I've settled for a little lock.

So what do you all think?


Anonymous said...

Oh he's so adorable! And the new haircut looks so smart - what lovely colour hair he has, like spun copper and gold!

Anonymous said...

He looks very handsome!

CalvaryGirl said...

He'a dorable. I remember when my lil guy started shoes, eh was the same way. You're a bigger woman than me, I waited til my lil red head had long locks on the back so I could have it all, LOL!!!