Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Challenges at The Daily Scrap

This month I started hosting two of the challenges over at The Daily Scrap. With each challenge you complete you get a posting gift by me!

The first challenge is the Holiday Challenge, this one is pretty self explanitory. You need to scrap a LO having to do with whatever holiday I pick that month. It could be anything from Halloween to President's Day but will always relate to the month we are in. It could also be a foriegn holiday, you just never know. Of course there is a little twist to it too. I'm never just gonna say scrap your Easter pictures, that would be too easy! So this month we are scrapping past Easter pictures. They can be from last year or 20 years ago, you just can't use the current year. For completing this challenge, posting your LO in the gallery at TDS and then posting you link back to the forums where I host the challenge you will recieve this!

Second Challenge I'm hosting is the Impromptu Challenge. This is a random theme each month. This month I'm doing Western! I want to see pictures ranging from "Cowboys & Indians" to Pony Rides. Meaning real or pretend. And for completing this one you get this!

Did you notice that the two posting bonuses coordinate? Yeah, its that way on purpose! Actually all of the posting bonuses for every challenge at TDS will coordinate each month so you'll want to complete them all so you end up with a huge kit by many designers! Head on over and check out all the challenges we have running!

On to other things...Austin is cutting another tooth, now he has both of his bottom incisors. It was certainly a rough night last night. Poor guy has to be in pain with those teeth cutting. He was up crying off and on through out the whole night.

The invites went out yesterday for Caitlin's Pony Party. She still has no idea.

My husband has his computer up and running for me and I've got a trial version of Photoshop CS2 for now. I'm hoping my Photoshop 7 comes in the mail soon. I'm liking CS2 so far but its different from what I'm used to so it takes me a lot longer to get things done because I keep trying to do it the PS7 way. Well, I'm off to get the girl ready for school, hope you all have a great day!!!

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AmyW. said...

Excellent posting bonuses Jess! I think they are great- love the barcodes.