Saturday, January 13, 2007

What do you mean I'm not 4 Wheel Drive?

My handsome little man high centered himself in the most unusual place, just thought I would share. Poor guy. There is usually something on the bottom part of that table where he is stuck.

P.S. There is a safety cover on that outlet now, don't knw how I missed putting one there but when I DL the pictures and saw it I ran straight over and popped one in.


Anonymous said...

poor little one. They do get into the wierdest places.

Anonymous said...

it's so funny, my son does the same and he's 7.5 mo and started crawling 2 weeks ago. Your lo is too cute!

shawnyrvr said...

That is tooooo funny!!! What a cutie he is!!! They are just so limber and fearless at that age there's no telling what he'll get himself into over the next few years, lol. What a wonderful blessing you have in him.

Take Care,