Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It Snowed!

Finally! I have been dying to get some snow pictures and we had our first REAL snow of the area this winter. It did snow once before a little before Christmas I think but not enough to even stick on the ground. So here are a few pictures of my girl playing in the snow.


Anonymous said...

she is adorable!
HOPE you are doing well postop.

desertmoo said...

Yipee! Looks like she was having some great fun! Thanks for sharing!

Serena said...

Very cute! I love her jacket!!! That's the best, I want one! Hee!

How are you doing btw? Feeling better? I've been keeping you in my thoughts hoping for easier times for you. :)

Take care, and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love the snow pics...I live in FL, so I always like seeing the pretty snow other people get to play in!! :)