Friday, November 10, 2006

What a Cake!

Well, I baked a cake for my husband's birthday (I'm such a good cook, Betty Crocker and I get along great!) and after it cooled I let the kids decorate it with some of the halloween candy. They had a blast! This is a little LO I did of the cake and how happy Randy was when he saw it. It was a total suprise to him.

LO Credits: Kit is Just Breezy by Leah Riordan, Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman, Font is Brittanic Bold.


Anonymous said...

That's very cute!! Tell the kids they did a great job!! I'm sure it made you husband much happier than any store bought bakery cake!! :)

Anonymous said...

AWww so much fun! I really got into cake decorating this past summer, for my sons first bday i made a blues clues cake! And it turned out so good that i got hooked, now I'm planning a pitbull one for our roommate. lol