Sunday, July 15, 2007

Photo Graphing Photoshop Action!

The last few days I've been doing the CRD Challenges on the DST boards and the last two LO's I did I added a cool graphing overlay to my photos. Well everyone seemed to love the look of it so I decided to turn it into an action! You can pick Photo-Graphing up at OAKS for 50% off through July 22nd!

Creating this thing was quite a learning experience. Since this is my very first action I gathered a bunch of testers to make sure it works and some of them gave fab suggestions *Jenn Patrick* and *Jannylynn Brokken* were especially helpful, though I'm still working out a few kinks Jannylynn is helping me with for the PSE version.

Here are the two LO's I did that everyone seemed to love.

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daNi aLeNCar said...

Your layouts are amazing and this action makes such a great effect. CONGRATS.