Friday, June 15, 2007

A Few LO's

Its been a bit since I've posted so I suppose this is the classic "Bad Blogger" post. Life has just been super busy this month. Austin's first birthday party went well, he loved opening presents and playing with the toys he got. It was nice to have the family there for him.

I've done two LO's so far of that day and I also re-did a LO from last year of him at the 4th of July parade here. This is the LO I did sometime last year... Its not awful but I don't like it anymore.

Here is my remake. This reflects my style much better and I absolutely love Faith's new 4th Kit and her alpha brushes, so cute!

And here are the other two LO's that I did. I am so in love with this first one and the only reason it came about is because of my sister. She is staying the summer with me and I was showing her my digital stuff and she asked how to use a template. Of course I can show her better than just explaining so I popped open one of my newest templates (hint hint, you might want to check out my newest grab bag.....shhhhhhhhhhh) and Christina Renee's papers and dropped the red one on there and then I had a vision of what the LO could be! I couldnt stop, I had to keep adding papers to complete the LO!

This LO I did as part of my polka dot potato CT requirement. I really love this kit too though, its all about the 4th of July but then at the same time not. With the funky lime green and orange elements thrown in it just gives it that extra little pizzaz to make this kit different! Anyways, Austin got a wagan for his birthday and the box it came in completely fascinated him! Any time you were turn around he would be playing with that dang box! Funky Fourth by Amanda Lee, Totally cute.

I mentioned earlier that my sister is staying for the summer. I have to say that I am really enjoying having her here. She helps me clean up, she watches the kids when I need to do something and she doesnt let Caitlin get away with not listening too me. At first Caitlin tried to tell me she would just go ask Aunt Lucy and she didnt have to listen to me but Lucy set her straight pretty quickly. I'm not sure exactly what is going on with my child but lately she has had such a bratty little attitude. She talks to me like she is the boss and tells me she doesnt have to listen to me. When I tell her no about something she whines and begs until I have to give her a time out. Its very frustrating and I hope she grows out of it quickly. Someone please tell me if this is normal 5 year old behaviour.

Don't forget to get my June Grab Bag at Digi by Design! There is some really cute stuff in this bag and at only $2 its quite the steal!! I gave you a little hint on whats in it if you read the whole post. *winks*


Felicia McB said...

all your pages are gorgeous!
I went and grabbed your grab bag and the other two from other designers in the store. Yours is AWESOME! one of the others I was not thrilled with at all...and the other was great. I have to say that I think yours was worth what I paid for all three and then some. So thanks for an awesome grab bag! can't wait for your next one!

Anonymous said...

LOL I am not the only mother that dedicated a page to a box!!! Love it!