Friday, December 22, 2006

Finally Finished! - The Dining Room

Well, after months of working on it the dining room is finally finshed and just in time for Christmas Eve dinner here. With the number of hours my husband has been working lately we never really had time to get it done but since he has been on vacation this week we had time to finish it and do numerous other projects around the house getting ready for the family to come on Sunday. Here are a few pictures of the completed job. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Yesterday was my daughter's Christmas party at her preschool. It was very cute, they sang a few songs, saw Santa and had a gift exchange. Here are some pics of her with Santa. (Much better quality than the last visit)

she had to tell him this time she wants a pink!


Kat said...

Jessica your diningroom looks so pretty! I love the dark wall with the white trim! Great job! YOur daughter looks so cute on Santa...don't worry about the Pink Guitar my son asked Santa for a "Big Dinosaur" *laugh* Have a wonderful Holdiay!

NinaJo said...

Your dining room is wonderful! Congratulations on getting it all ready for Christmas.
Pink Guitar...I'm wondering if Santa's Elves even make pink ones.
I see a flurry of last minute running around in your
Merry Day before Christmas Eve.

desertmoo said...

Fantastic Dinning Room! Pats on the back for both of you! Is your cabinet a built in or corner cabinet!
It really sets the room off! Thanks for sharing! Darling pics! Thanks for sharing them too!

Serena said...

Merry Christmas dear Lady! :) Have a wonderful New Year!!

Lisa said...

Jessica....The dinning room looks great! Cute pics of your daughter with Santa...hope he was able to get a hold of that pink guitar!! Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous lol - my husband always starts projects just before a holiday. Different years for Christmas we have been torn up to refloor the laundry room, tile the kitchen, flooring for the family room, remove a wall to enlarge a room. Then a week before our daughters wedding - reroof the house. He does all these projects himself (a good job too) but our company has come to expect disorder. : )